Dogs on Set

the life of these dogs was ruff...

Dogs were technically not allowed on the studio lot where we filmed One Tree Hill, but fortunately for all of us, the studio was willing to look the other way.  We were an animal loving group on OTH, and not only was Chad’s dog Joe ever present, but Sophia usually had one or two of her fur babies with her; later on in the series, Joy added the coolest small dog I’ve ever known to our furry family.  When Jana joined the OTH family she brought another four-legged friend.

During Season 6 I jumped into the dog fun by adopting my own older dog, and she went everywhere.  My office was in the main building on the lot, and when I would walk down to the Annex, she would always tag along.  This is when I found out that many of the crew members with offices kept dog treats in their drawers. My girl knew exactly who to visit.

During the nine seasons we filmed at EUE/Screen Gems I’m not sure how many cats and dogs we rescued and helped find homes, but it seemed like a pretty regular occurrence, and it was always amazing how crew members and cast would jump in to help a poor stray animal find a loving home.  I’ve said it many times before, and I will always believe, I was lucky to work with one of the most caring bunch of people in the business!

Inside Oth