when is your next event?

Currently, there is not a public event currently on the calendar. We're always working on things #bts for Inside OTH, so keep following us to know the latest.

Will there be a 2017 or 2018 fan convention?

To save us all time, no. 

NO EVENT?! How do you plan on being inside oth???!!!!!???

Inside OTH will forever put our fans, and their experience interacting with One Tree Hill, first and foremost. We're figuring out how to give you the best, most affordable content, so you can be part of a collaborative and loving community of fun, awesome fans. 

Where are our photos?

Your photos are currently being sorted, marked for approval, and released to the photos page on this site. There was a limited amount of time after the event to grab the photos off of the event photographers page (per the instructions on the slip of paper), and now we have thousands of photos to sort through before posting. There is no timeline for when they will be up on the site. 

Wait! that's not cool, how am I supposed to deal?

Unfortunately, we're a small team doing our absolute best to deliver you the best fan experience. For us, that means more collaboration and bringing ideas to fruition than sorting through photos -- though we do love that. We will do our best to release the photos as soon as possible, but just remember, we're human, not bots.